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About the Staff

Mark Sanchez is co-founding editor of the Nieve Roja Review. He received his Bachelor's degree in Business from CSU in 1993. He currently found work and is wrapping up his M.F.A. in Poetry at CSU. He has poetry published in an adoption anthology and has had poetry published in the Dry Creek Review and an essay published in New Voices. He currantly works as a Project Tester for a Mutual Fund Company in Denver Colorado, climbs fourteeners, fishes and is looking toward the day when he will make time to finish his MFA.

Jody Jacobson, html editor, received her BA in English from CSU in Dec. 1996. She recently finished the requirements for her MA in Communications Development. While working to pay off her bills, she is now contemplating ways in which to defy the corporate world. Her next venture: a screenplay.

Nancy Baxter, managing editor for the sixth issue, has recently completed her MFA in poetry at Colorado State University. She currently lives and works in the Pacific Northwest.

Steven Church, fiction editor, is working on an MFA in fiction at CSU. He will serve as a co-managing editor for the seventh issue of Nieve Roja. His current interests include cooking new potatoes on the grill with red onions and butter, talking silly to his dog, and fixing the pedal on his bike.

Jill Darling, poetry editor, is working on a poetry MFA at CSU. She will serve as a co-managing editor for the seventh issue of the Nieve Roja. Her current interests include racing mice through cheese mazes, painting saw blades, and goldpanning.

Jim Thompson, editorial assistant, is also an MFA student at CSU. He recently joined the NR staff, promising that his long hair had Samsonite powers to see us through the fifth issue woes.

Gary Chang, also a MFA student at Colorado State University, is top dog in generating submissions from the rest of CSU's writing community.

Mike Palmquist, advisor, is an Associate Professor in the English Department at CSU. His interests include computers and writing, and hypertext document design.

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