I Shop Safeway When I Need
One Attitude

Gary Chang

Yo, Budhead,
I went drive Lois-Ann to Denver International this morning so she should get
home pretty soon. You no can believe how sweet was for wala'au, even if Lois-Ann like
for make trouble. Last night, we all stay waiting for dinner, and the kolohe asks me, "So
why you stay here, never get accepted West Coast?"
Talk about make-A.
When sista talk I like cry.
Back home, you remember how when you use the Safeway card the cashiers
go read your name on the receipt?
Thank you for shopping Safeway,
Mr. Chien.
And I would scold them, "Eh, no call me
that. Make me feel so damned old." Then they like laugh – plenty of them know
me from dig-nose days.
At the checkout this morning, the braddah in front me get
one blond ponytail, stay chanting. More worse, he smelled hauna, like he never went
bathe. Braddah paid up.
Have a good day, Mr. Engle,
she told him.
Come my turn, I like talk story but the cashier no can look my eyes.
And when she
give me back my change, she still no say shit. Only put the money on the counter. My
name right there on the receipt, Kupau.
For real, I went check.
I wanted for go scold
the manager.
But that's so fuckin' haole.

©Copyright Gary Chang