Nancy Baxter

should we line up   as we do

  front ends pointing   opposite directions

(just help me get started)     turnstiles

  tiled platforms     tanqueray ads

(while we wait)     trains stretch their

burrows wide

their doors
I like best    ends of each car

  away from the doors    where

we could get     a little lee

on the paired seats     weather warm & moist

below ground    (not even starting)

when we line up

our directions
opposite        commuter stacks

    earthworm setae    (having nearly)

memorized our talking parts

unlike birds below     streets

in any wild     shape of lemon

cocoons from     each mated worm

(isn't this the signal)

    cut or stop     the train

  open saxophone case waiting

on   platform   up nonchalant flight

of stairs

    first lit sign     sky

  first landing air

©Copyright Nancy Baxter