Johannah Racz

You make tea
I take a bath

The tea is strong
It holds back it holds back it holds

There may be something
wrong        Will making tea

hold it         I open
a book

We make love
I wash my hair

I am injured by small
gestures, you pour

the water
I arrange the pillows

I open a window
I follow your eyes too closely

We make love
I open a book

Open a window
You carry something

through        the door
The flowers are drying

on the window sill
I ask you to be home

by two
You ruffle the hair

at the back
of my neck

I open a book
I take a bath

The window
You are not falling

I am not bleeding
The mirror

Turn off the light
I can't sleep

The flowers are
The window is

I open
Move the candle

away from the curtain
I am afraid of

©Copyright Johannah Racz