Johannah Racz

                           on the

outside. i swallow it.

inside a bottle and then

me. i am nearly. i can't take

all the talking. talking.

so i shift my center to

the bottle. and swallow it.

swallowing locates me.

in the throat. there is extra.

making me. i am found.

i am barely. i haven't been outside.

in days. what it see. dissolves.

in my stomach. comes out. of my mouth.

anymore. i am more. myself.

while swallowing. my voice. comes out.

of my mouth and goes.

into the phone. he says. goodbye.

i have said something. to make him.

say this. he knows i'm. here.

because of my voice. through a tube.

if i forget. to swallow it. i will be.

the center of me. outside.

i must take it. i can't

take. going outside. i have been.

crying. mostly water. put something back.

i have too much. levels rise. two weeks. later i tell him.

anymore. it makes me stop.

being unable. to go outside. stopping and.

starting. someone. i can't stop.

moving. hands follow.

the rest of my body. follows

the pill down. my

throat. making.

©Copyright Johannah Racz