Welcome to the The Nieve Roja Review

Welcome to the sixth issue of Nieve Roja Review. If you are a frequent visitor to our magazine you might have realized that we haven't had a new issue for about a year. But guess what? We're Back, thanks to the hard work of Nancy Baxter and the editorial staff, and ready to jump on the literary-cyber train. We have two new editors with a vision for new and exciting projects.

In this issue, we have included some beautiful photos by Dan Nelson, a Colorado photographer who resides in Denver.

We also highlight a story by new Nieve Roja Editor, Steven Church, Radio Spaces about loss, obsession, and National Public Radio, as well as two other excellent pieces of fiction by Justin Hocking and Jennifer Wortman. The included poetry is dancing and sweaty.

We'd also like to thank everyone who assisted us in the completion of this issue.

Enjoy this issue and feel free to e-mail us with ideas and submissions and keep telling your friends to check us out.

–Steven Church, Jill Darling