Postcard: Best Picture

Justin Hocking, Denver

How Pictures are 'Telegraphed'
Darling Gertrude--
Everyone over here is whispering about "gunboat diplomacy" and the monks caught me eating the red pistachios during zazen meditation. So powerfully dull just sitting there, hour on end --how can I help wanting a snack? Thanks for sending them anyways, you're one hell of a keen gal and I don't mean "perhaps". Oh, how I miss zazen at home with you in Omaha, in front of the television --out American cathode ray-tube Buddha. Can you fathom the joy that device will bring to the world? The instant electric enlightenment? Anyhow, I'm shooting for Nirvana by the end of the month, so I can make it back into your loving arms and enter the Nebraska Classic golf tourney.
How Pictures are 'Telegraphed'