Welcome to the The Nieve Roja Review

This is the fifth issue of the Magazine and I'm not real sure why I keep counting them. What is great is that the magazine keeps gaining more recognition.

In this issue, we finally received enough art to have a small gallery. The artist is Ania Gola-Kumor and we are very excited about her art. In our criticism section we feature a piece titled Byron's Biography: Don Juan and Byron's Existential Angst.

This issue also contains one of the more interesting interviews/pieces of fiction we have seen in a while. It is written by Martin Nagy who fictionalizes an interview by Milan Kundera. As usual we have a great selection of poetry. Thanks to everyone who participated in our Postcard Contest. The farthest away was a post card from Indonesia. We received some great pictures and some great correspondences.

We'd also like to thank everyone who assisted us in the completion of this issue.

Enjoy this issue and feel free to e-mail us with ideas and submissions and keep telling your friends to check us out.

–Mark Sanchez, Jody Jacobson, Jim Thompson, Nancy Baxter, and Gary Chang.