3515 wyandot
 aaron abeyta
cinco de mayo
aaron abeyta 
coal train
 aaron abeyta
Jeffery Alfier
Apparent Wind
Jeffery Alfier 
No Nuclear Night, Bhopal
Anjana Basu 
Sixteen Ways
Anjana Basu 
Bank Managers at the Zoo
Holly Day
Three Drafts of a Reply
Deanna Kern Ludwin
The Eiffel Tower
Jeff Menne
History and its Invitations
Jeff Menne
The Craven
Greg Sebring
a geography of
John Snyder
David Sutherland
Any Certainty
Susan Weaver 
Melissa Woods

Brain Buster Poetry Contest Winners
First Place:
Phases of the Moon
Donald Alvarez
   Second Place:
First Seen in a Western Doorway
A.E. DiMatteo
Third Place:
Maki Parsons