Welcome to the The Nieve Roja Review

Welcome to the third issue of The Nieve Roja Review. It has been a busy six months trying to get this issue on line. We have been pounding the hallways and creating meta-tags as a means of diversifying our submissions even more. We are happy to report that the meta-tags are working and we are receiving more online submissions.

This issue features a short story by William Frasier. It is a story that features a main character dealing with yeast infections and a chance encounter with a homeless man.

We feature two postmodern writers from CSU. We also have poetry from Chicano writers John Chavez and Anthony Guerrero, who deal with identity and fitting into the places many Chicanas/os call home.

We also have some great film criticism. Jeffery Ho's paper was presented at the National Popular Culture Conference in Orlando this past April. It is a paper that explores the portrail of Asian men in American film. Susan Weaver gives us a Marxist insight into this past year's billion-dollar film, Titanic. And finally a piece by Robert Monge dealing with effects of patriarchy on gender and power.

We'd also like to announce a poetry contest. Please click Submissions on the left hand side for more information.

We'd like to thank everyone who assisted us in the completion of this issue.

Enjoy this issue and feel free to e-mail us with ideas and submissions.

--Mark Sanchez, Jody Jacobson and Jonathan Howell, editors

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