Welcome to The Nieve Roja Review

Welcome to the second issue of The Nieve Roja Review. It has been a busy year trying to get this next issue on line. Our editor, Mark Sanchez, has been learning organizational and time management skills balancing teaching Introduction to Creative Writing, organizing and revising poetry for his thesis, watching and taping Dragon Ball Z, and finally, searching for the Mr. Hankey game board. With the addition of two assistants, this next issue is complete.

We are currently working toward creating connections in an effort to draw in more submissions.

While this issue doesn't have a running theme, it does feature a nonfiction piece by widely published nonfiction writers Sue Ellen Campbell and John Calderazzo. James Work, editor of prize-winning anthology, Prose and Poetry of the American West contributes an essay titled "Shane, Re-Envisioned." We also have poetry from award winning Chicano writer Jimmy Santiago Baca. We recently co-sponsored a Thirteen Ways Poetry contest based on Wallace Stevens poem, "Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird" with The Organization of Graduate Student Writers. We had thirteen submissions and gave out cash prizes to the top three poets whose poems are featured here.

We'd like to thank everyone who assisted us in the completion of this issue.

Enjoy this issue and feel free to e-mail us with ideas and submissions.

--Mark Sanchez, Jody Jacobson and Jonathan Howell, editors

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