Jack Martin

Every moment is organ breath.
Seasonal change of leaves send us,
pink children, to visit age. In each new body,

our first chords doppelgang.
My lips remember your kiss.
Seeds willow. Pups wolf.

Zero and one are the same running water,
and memory is dream-travel on the horse that leads the sun
back to dawn. All life is now.

It's the same present
always, but our hearts and our skin are older,
and we love the migration better--

the fastening and unfastening of lips
like Christ the wind--love that crosses our retinas
like feeding guilds frantic with solstice.

Still, once the stars love any retina
they can never age. They remember too well
and to remember love well unprunes trees.

Love challenges the soul to dream the body new.
Dreams are galactic wild flowers
changing the path of the soul to meet our feet.

How else could I have found you again?

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©Copyright Jack Martin