Welcome to The Nieve Roja Review

Bienvenidos! Welcome to the first issue of The Nieve Roja Review. We are a magazine dedicated to publishing quality fiction, poetry, nonfiction, critical essays and interviews in an on-line environment.

Our magazine came about when a fiction writer in the M.F.A. program at Colorado State University suggested putting a literary journal on the Internet. The idea grew into a magazine emphasizing diversity and quality literature that exemplifies the Graduate Program at CSU. Our title, Nieve Roja ("red snow") reflects the Colorado influence in the journal.

Although we didn't specify a particular theme for this issue, several of the pieces revolve around families and relationships. We proudly feature the poetry of aaron abeyta, Amy Polisso, Annji Kinoshita, Laura Mullen and Jack Martin. Several poets have also contributed work in a tribute to Allen Ginsberg, who passed away this spring. In our fiction section, we have stories by Jennie Acker Camp, R.D. Hollenbeck and Nicholas Hanna. The two critical pieces in this issue include a paper on feminism in literature and an essay about black history month. We've published one piece of creative non-fiction by Paul Miller as well as an interview with short-story writer Leslee Becker, who recently published a collection of short-stories entitled Sincere Cafe.

We'd like to thank everyone who helped make this magazine possible, especially Mike Palmquist, one of the original visionaries for the journal who helped us with design and technical issues. Also, thanks to Luann Barnes and Dawn Kowalski for answering some of our Java Script and coding questions. Thanks to the English Department faculty and administration for giving this magazine a home on the Web. Finally, thanks to all the authors who gave us their work in good faith.

Enjoy the premiere issue!

--Mark Sanchez and Marla Cowell, editors

©Copyright CSU English Department