Annji Kinoshita

  1. name: Kenichiro Kinoshita
    DOB: 09/06/35
    eyes: brown hair: black
    weight: 162 lbs.
    height: 5 ft 1 inches

  2. Mom? Why is Daddy so short?
    because he was very sick as a little boy.
    Her cheeks tense, eyes focused
    on the takuan she was chopping.
  3. I never asked or even thought
    about it again.
    The silver tip of her knife embedded
    in the yellow turnips enough.

  4. 1995--my dad channel
    surfs between the HSN and
    a "Hiroshima: For Fifty Years
    We Remember" special. I watch
    to see when he flips Hiroshima
    to something else--every time
    something about America comes on --
    FLIP -- military strategists -- FLIP
    -- explanations from gunners --
    FLIP -- airplanes -- FLIP
    -- then came the children,
    all those sick children, and my dad
    starts to cry, I didn't know
    not to drink the water. I only knew
    I was thirsty
    , looking at me,
    It made me short and I've made you
    I hug him
    for a moment until his hands
    push me away. He
    changes the channel and never
    goes back to Hiroshima.
  5. name: Annji Kinoshita
    DOB: 04/13/73
    eyes: brown hair: brown
    weight: 105 lbs
    height: 5 ft 1 inches
  6. My dad thinks I am hibakusha
    too, that his stunted cells
    leaked into my blood, but
    I look back and see
    small women on both
    sides, short woman after
    short woman.
    Only my mother reaches
    5' 6 1/2" --she is all
    my father sees.
  7. "He told me that his father, who had been in Hiroshima at the time the atom bomb fell, had
    seemed well and worked in the fields as usual. In July, this year, he fell ill from some
    unknown cause and had to be confined to bed. After giving him a careful examination, the
    doctor said that his white blood corpuscles had greatly decreased in number and that he
    was obviously a victim of radiation sickness."

  8. --Shintaro Naito, 1995

  9. Kenichiro Kinoshita,
    my father,
    is hibakusha.
    We hold our breath and wait.

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