Elegy to Allen Ginsberg, 6 April 1997

Mark Tursi

Love that bore me I bear back to my Origin with no loss, I float over
thrilled with my deathlessness, thrilled with this endlessness I dice
and bury, come Poet shut up eat my word, and taste my mouth in
your ear.

- Allen Ginsberg, New York, 19601

Years digesting you, swimming in your vomit,
repulsive, exhilarating,
orgasmic hating love volcanic syllabic
explosive prophetic pronouncements, we have seen
the eyes of death and deathlessness
in an Image of America,
foreboding, dionysian, spiritual,
Howling, prophetic eye,
hallucinogenic eye, Buddhist eye, infinite, Godly eye,
Nameless eye, universal eye, essential eye, Jewish eye, Guru eye,
eye of Armageddon, eye of eternity
eye of San Francisco, City Lights, Ferlinghetti, Snyder,
eye of New York, Kerouac, Columbia, Greenwich Village
eye of Denver, Cassady
eye of faggot, cocksucker, homosexual
Holy eye, eye of Moloch,
eye of wisdom, protest, conscience, outrage
eye of Jazz, perfect beauty, wisdom, immorality, self-revealing,
candor eye of Kali, illusion, purity of heart
eye of Passaic, Ganges,
eye of painted desert, petrified forest, urban jungle, Eastern traffic,
Western night,
eye of Paterson, William Carlos Williams, Carl Solomon
myopic eye, eye(less) Kaddhish of Naomi,
eye of misery, joy, ecstatic drunken love, social bandit
eye of Eden, hell, heavens gate, keyhole to keyhole
Sleepy eye, eye of Tangiers, Burroughs, Orlovsky
eye of asshole of the universe, rectum of the soul,
penis of consciousness,
eye of infinity, timelessness,
eye of solitude, filth, ugliness,
incomprehensible eye,
starving hysterical naked eye,
eye of madness, luminosity, hope,
Romantic eye,
eye of illusion and imageless locomotive,
eye of transcendence, eye of the earth, Sunflower
Real eye, eye of self, eye of eye, eye of you,

America's eye,
eye of the Poet.
Where is our attachment? Our resolve?
Poet, Priest, Hero

Murderer of America, money, consumption,
Murderer of funny death dreaming hallucinogenic moment,
copulation, sinister laughter of the whole shaggy universe
Murderer of the machinery of other skeletons
Murderer of the cracking doom on the hydrogen jukebox
Murderer of narcotic tobacco haze of Capitalism
Murderer of Wall Street and the sirens of Los Alamos

Your vision is a Cosmopolitan Greeting with the entire universe, the Buddha, the shit in the gutters of Calcutta, the needles strewn near Washington Square Park, the bombs that crush Baghdad, the tanks that topple fleeing Russian citizens, the bastard phony Communists in Czechoslovakia, Rockwell's plutonium, the Khaki Baba's wisdom, Methedrine, LSD, god of Peyote, earful of Marijuana, Sacco and Vanzetti, the Chicago Seven, the Wobblies, streetcorner evangel in front of city hall, prone horses in Mexico, CIA diarrhea in Central America, dying Bald Eagle, Paranoia Smog Factory East Wing Vietnam, insanity in Rockland, lobotomies of consciousness, lobotomies of the real, ecstasy of young boys asses, McCarthy scare, heartless Ike Eisenhower, Star Spangled Banner, the monster of Hollywood,

jizzum of glory,
jizzum of death,
jizzum of sexual revolution,
jizzum of flower power,
jizzum stain on JE Hoover's bathing suit,
jizzum of smoke stain from Government thugs,
velocity of national debt,
velocity of consciousness,
velocity of transcendence,
velocity of protest,
velocity of mad vagrants,
velocity of eccentric solitude,
velocity of crowed conscience,
velocity of Jewish Truthcloud,
velocity of Karma,

the Garbler of all conceptions, floating in poetic truth-cloud, Blakean Consciousness, Whitmanesque barbaric yawps on skyskrapers above Greenwich Village echo echo echo echo echo echo echo echo echo echo echo until everyone, everywhere is shaken to the very fiber of their bones, their Ginsbergian souls that clatter clatter clatter clatter clatter like the mystic shroud of Poesy strewn about the universe fragmented ranting ranting ranting madness has arrived on every tongue in every syllable in the Cosmic NO or the blurting destruction or rhythmic beating cadence chanting of Beats, breath all at once all at once and the surface is beginning to crumble, vibrating so that nothing remains but stains of your jizzum, the crust of your vomit, and we smile happily, happily, perhaps even laughing at your cloudy eyeglasses, crystal-ball like head, and perfect candor.

Are you the cleaning organ of American poetry? Has your liver trapped the loosening Breath? Where is the aethereal spirit now? Hadja no more to do? Sir spirit, Why'dja leave us all here?

1Selection from "The End." Kaddish and Other Poems (1958-1960). San Francisco: City Lights Books, 1978.
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©Copyright Mark Tursi